Making a Living Online

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Workshop Map     Current 9/24/2018

Objective    9/25/2017

To develop PLR (Private Label Rights) products.

Making a Living Online    9/25/2017

Combine What Works For You

  1. eBay
  2. Sell products in forums, bulletin boards, classifieds and other community type sites
  3. Sell products from your own website
  4. Sponsorship advertising on a content site
  5. Sell services you provide personally
  6. Sell services provided by other people
  7. Paid reviews
  8. Affiliate Marketing
  9. Sell your own information products
  10. High end private coaching

In my case progressing through these various methods, figuring out what I actually want from a business and then combining different methods to maximize my income and personal satisfaction has worked the best.

I recommend you follow a similar path to build your own business. Figure out what you like using the options above and other resources online, begin testing to see what works and learn more about what you enjoy, and keep at it until you find what “floats your boat” and is incredibly profitable too.

Good luck!

Yaro Starak Internet Entrepreneur

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