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The co-authors bring much experience and study with this subject into the creation of this book. The sources that have contributed to their knowledge would take a book as long as this to list every source that has gotten them to their understanding of the subject.


1. Numerous professional papers.

2. Personal accounts about slaves (published).

3. Unpublished paperwork, tapes, interviews of slaves.

4. Therapists

5. Books on Mind-control.

6. Books on associated topics, such as PTSD, the Mind, hypnosis, drugs, witchcraft, and the various aspects of control.

1. Numerous Professional Papers .

Carole Goettman, George B. Greaves and Philip M. Croons put out a reference book Multiple Personality & Dissociation 1791-1992 A Complete Bibliography, 2nd edition. (Lutherville, MD: The Sidran Press, 1994). Co-author Fritz has gone through the Bibliography which lists in 150 pages essentially all the articles ever published on MPD and Dissociation, and he has read all that he could obtain via the large research libraries. Dozens of the articles, and many of the books which appear in this complete bibliography have been read. Most of the professional literature on the subject is trash.

During the 1970s, Americans got interested in Multiple

Personalities, after having lost interest in the subject as W.W. I got started. I believe the therapeutic community was probably nudged by the military/intelligence agencies to lose interest when W.W. I broke out, and that anyone who did get interested got scooped up (1 of 12) [7/15/2000 8:15:14 PM]


into the government during W.W. II and the Cold War. Some of the helpful professional papers have been notated in the book itself. A perusal of the index will provide part of the sources for this book.


The list of auto-biographies (or biographies) of victims which were consulted include the following:


Chase. Trudy. When the Rabbit Howls. NY: Dutton, 1987.


Schreiber, Flora Rheta. Sybil. Chicago, IL: Henry Regnery Co., 1973.


Taylor, Brice with Patrick Stone. (written as a novel). Starshine. Huntsville, AL: The Brice Taylor Foundation, 1995.

JONES, CANDY. (born Jessica Wilcox).

Bain, Donald. The Control of Candy Jones. Chicago: Playboy Press, 1976.


Vecsey, George with Loretta Lynn. Loretta Lynn A Coal Miner’s Daughter. Rockefeller Plaza, NY: Warner Books, 1976.

MONROE, MARILYN. (2 of 12) [7/15/2000 8:15:14 PM]


Pepitone, Lena. Marilyn Monroe Confidential An Intimate Personal Account. NY: Simon & Schuster, 1979.


O’Brien, Cathy with Mark Phillips. Trance Formation ofAmerica, The True Life Story of a CIA Slave. Nashville, TN: Global Trance Formation Info, Ltd., 1995. Also Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips put out numerous monographs and a number of articles in the Contact magazine, which were also consulted in writing this book.


Satan ‘s Underground: The Extraodinary Story of One Woman ‘s Escape., 1991.


Wheeler, Cisco with Fritz Springmeier. They Know What They Do, An Illustrated Guide to Monarch

Programming-MindControl. Oregon City, OR: Springme ier & Wheeler, 1995.


? Casey, J.F. & Wilson, L. The Flock. Alfred A. Knopf, 1991.

? LaCalle, TM. Voices. NY: Dodd, Mead, & Co., 1988.

? Lancaster, E. & Polney, J. The Final Face of Eve. NY: McGraw-Hill, 1958.

? Schoenewolf, G. Jennifer and her selves. NY: Donald I. Fine, 1991.

? Sizemore, C. & Pittillo, E. I’m Eve. Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Co., 1977. (3 of 12) [7/15/2000 8:15:14 PM]


? Smith, Michelle & Lawrence Padzer. Michelle Remembers: A Story of Satanic Possession.

? Thigpen, C.H. & Cleckley, H. The three faces of Eve. NY: McGraw-Hill, 1957.

3. Unpublished Papers, Tapes and Interviews With Victims

These sources will have to remain confidential. Over a dozen Illuminati slaves provided notes from what they have found out about their lives and mind-control systems. The co-authors have interviewed and personally known dozens more, who have been visited with. Notes were kept on some of these interviews. Fritz taped some of his interviews, and in more than one case got a computer disk of the person’s life story with colloborating evidence.

4. Therapists

Fritz is appreciative to the following therapists for the help he received:

Dale Calvocade, Ukiah, CA, who helped me understand the religious covers better.

Dr. Carol Clifton, Portland, OR, who helped me understand the value of patience, kindness and listening in helping victims help themselves.

Dr. Loreda Fox, Denver, CO, who helped give a better understanding of the spiritual dimensions.

Catherine Gould, TX, who helped me understand the role of alters within programs.

Denny Hilgers, Pasadena, TX, who helped me understand the deeper codes, and the deeper systems better, and t h e importance of a person’s identity. (4 of 12) [7/15/2000 8:15:14 PM]


David W. Neswald, Irvine, CA, who helped me understand the primal traumas better.

Randy Noblitt, Dallas, TX, who helped give a better understanding of overall picture, and how some of the codes are constructed.

Mark Phillips, Nashville, TN, who opened up a deeper understanding of how the Network operates, and provided some direction for how we should approach dealing with mind control.

Doug Riggs, Tulsa, OK, who helped give a better understanding of the religious fronts, and who helped tremendously understand how this trauma-based mind-control fits in with the Word of God.

5. Books (and long papers) on Mind Control

Bowart, Walter H. Operation Mind-Control, original edition and the totally revised Researchers edition of 1994, which carried the same title.

Chavkin, Samuel. The Mind Stealers, Psychosurgery and Mind Control. Westport, Conn: Lawrence Hill & Co., 1978.

Estabrooks, G.H. Hypnotism. NY: EP. Dutton, 1957.

Lockwood, Craig. Other Altars, Roots and Realities of Cultic and Satanic Ritual Abuse & Multiple Personality Disorder. Minneapolis, MN: CompCare Publishers, 1993.

Marks, John. The Search For The "Manchurian Candidate" The CIA & Mind Control. NY: W.W. Norton & Co. (paperback version), 1991.

Mediaecco. When The State Rapes, Part I & 2. Gorredijk, Netherlands (5 of 12) [7/15/2000 8:15:14 PM]


Thomas, Gordon. Journey into Madness. NY: Bantam Books, 1989

White, John. Psychic Warfare, Fact or Fiction? (An investigation into the use of the mind as a military weapon.) Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, UK: The Aquarian Press, 1990(?).

De Laurence, editor. The Lesser Key of Solomon Goetia, The Book of Evil Spirits. Chicago, 1916.

6. Books on Associated Topics

Both authors have read many books on tangent subjects. The list of books that have been read and researched prior to writing this would take another book to record. The co-author Fritz found himself consulting his own books, Be Wise As Serpents (1991), The Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines Vol. 1 (1995), and Exodus 20:4-5 (1978). The co-authors purchased and read the 14 Oz books. They also have a number of the other books used for scripts such as, Mother Goose Rhymes, The Tall Book of Make Believe, -Michael Aquino’s version of Star Wars, etc., Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs, The Island of the Blue Dolphins, Through the Looking Glass, etc.

Fritz purchased his own copy of The Graphic Work of M. C. Esher. NY: Ballantine Books, 3rd edition, 1972. in order to have on hand the artwork which contains so many mirror images and inversions and is so often used for programming.

As I, Fritz, sit down to provide the sources for the reader, it is apparent that the task is beyond my time restraints. Knowledge accumulates. A random sample of just two of almost countless references looked at to come to the author’s level of understanding would be Jean L. Sutton’s workshop book Ritualistic Abuse of Children Identification and Case Management Strategies which was used in workshops for teachers and child services division people on Fri. Sept. 11, 1992 at 815 N.E. Davis St., Portland, OR. (6 of 12) [7/15/2000 8:15:14 PM]


Another example is The New Yorker’s, May 24, 1993, article "Remembering Satan--Part II". Neither one was referred to in writing the book, but these two and countless others over the years form the accumulation of understanding that is needed to tackle writing a book on Multiple Personality Disorder (Dissociative Identity Disorder).

To be able to write this book, Fritz, the co-author has studied material, books, newspapers clippings, articles, etc. from the following ASSOCIATED TOPICS with a close estimate of the number of items studied in each area: Aliens & UFOs (40 items), Amish-Mennonite (30 items), Astronomy & astrology (25 items), Behavior Modification (12 items), Black religions in the New World and Africa (6 items), Brain (30 items), Caballa (10 items at least), Computers (25 items), Computer languages (8 items), Crime (25 items), Demonology (30 -items), Druidism (20 items), ELF waves (20 items), Fairy Tales (7 items), False Memory Syndrome (5 items), Freemasonry (35 items), Holograms (6 items), Hypnosis (12 items), Intelligence (20 items), Jesuits (6 items), Ku Klux Klan (15 items), Medical technology (15 items), Memory (20 items), Mental Hospitals (5 items), Military (10 items), Mind (25 items), Movies (20 items), NeuroLinguistic Programming (6 items), New World Order (50 items), Particular Individuals such as the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Collins, Mengele, Cameron, Wheeler, LaVey, Aquino, Elvis Presley, Doris Duke, and many others mentioned in the book (50 items at least), Personality (25 items), Satanic Ritual Abuse (50 items), Spiritual warfare (40 items), Spying (25 items), Underwater research (40 items), Voodoo (3 items), Witchcraft (50 items). Some of the books that would have been cited if every detail had been footnoted can be found footnoted in other writings by Fritz Springmeier.

Also I, Fritz, have spent time examining the Word of God to try to understand what God’s written word revealed by His Spirit would teach me about this situation. There are numerous Bible verses that pertain to the information in this book which are not referred to in this volume. The primary issues created by the traumas are a. (7 of 12) [7/15/2000 8:15:14 PM]


identity issues, and b. issues concerning fellowship with God. Much of the trauma and programming is cloud the issue of who the person really is, and how they can have a beneficial relationship to God Almighty.

The Bill Gothard Basic Youth Seminar which the co-author Fritz has attended 6 times, has been very helpful to him to understand what the programmers do, and how they strip a person of what they need to be spiritually strong. In fact, Fritz knows a number of the programmers have attended the Bill Gothard Seminar themselves, and know how to use beneficial information for evil purposes.

Likewise, the Christian can take the occult knowledge of revealed in this book and use it for good instead of the evil that it was designed for. The Institute has a hard volume reference book on Research in Principles of Lfe as well as a workbook.

Cisco, the other co-author, has studied MPD, SRA, Bible issues, and occult topics in depth. Her personal knowledge added a depth to the book that could not have been achieved without her.

William Frost of San Antonio, TX was a good friend of a tall lean Texan named David Hill. David Hill had been taken in by Mafia boss Joseph Bonanno, who was as a surrogate father to him. After David Hill became a Christian, he used his first hand knowledge of the Mafia, the occult world such as his Masonic experience to put the pieces together about the NWO. He had just completed a very detailed manuscript for a book exposing the NWO, when he was murdered. After David’s murder, William Frost was able to retrieve David’s manuscript and sent me a copy. The death was not ruled a murder by the authorities, but men who have written lengthy exposes on the New World Order do not commit suicide before they get their books published.

It was keen-minded David Hill who warned Billy Graham for many hours about the New World Order, only to be told by Billy Graham, that Billy was ‘a captive’ (Graham’s own words) of the New World Order. The information William Frost gave me about David Hill, (8 of 12) [7/15/2000 8:15:14 PM]


was later verified in many ways by Joseph Bonanno’s surprising autobiography A Man of Honor, Simon & Schuster, Rockefeller Center, N.Y., 1983.

It’s somewhat unusual for Mafia chiefs to write autobiographies. In it, Joseph Bonanno says he looked up to Billy Graham, and that David Hill joined up with Billy Graham. In 1974, Billy Graham came to Joseph Bonanno’s house in Tuscon with David. Graham sent him a Christmas card every year, and called him soon after his wife died to offer condolences. These things are mentioned on page 333 of his autobiography. David Hill’s manuscript was encouraging to me, Fritz, because he verified many of the same things that I’d found. His manuscript was quoted in Vol. 1 concerning the top families.

Information about the names of programmers and programming sites and the Temple of Set membership has come from recovering victims of Trauma-based mind-control. Information about Illuminati bloodlines, ritual sites, and important buildings has also come from Illuminati members who are recovering from Illuminati mind-control. Many more witnesses to Illuminati Mind-control will come forward if people learn how to help these people, and to believe the things that have happened to them. Now that this legitimate information is being circulated, it can be expected that "witnesses" with bogus information/bogus memories will come forward to detract from the credibility of this book.


Chapter 2 title page--Reproduction of the cover of the program of the Bohemian Grove Cremation of Care Ritual. p. 45--Torture device, drawn by a recovering Monarch slave used by permission of Denny Hilgers, Pasadena, TX p. 46--Ritual stick, drawn by a recovering victim of SRA, used by permission of David Carrico, Evansville, Indiana. Heart in a Jar, drawn by another recovering victim of SRA, used by permission of David Carrico, Evansville, Indiana. Chapter 4 title page--Hypnotic illusion drawings, adapted (9 of 12) [7/15/2000 8:15:14 PM]


from uncopyrighted material.

p. 66--Spinning top, common illusion, adapted from uncopyrighted material.

p. 88--Section Chart of "A" alters, created by Fritz Springmeier

p. 91--Structure Chart, of color codes, alter runways, system structure, created by Fritz Springmeier based on information from a recovering Monarch mind-control victim.

p. 134--Cover Decision magazine.

p. 168, 175-178--U.S. Patent4,858,612, public information, U.S. Patent Office.

Chapter 7 title page--Chart was drawn by Fritz Springmeier, it is based on an actual Illuminati Mind Controlled Slave’s system’s structure. The chart has modifications from the actual system’s structure, but closely resembles it.

p. 195--Chart drawn by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler of internal hour glass, x-y-z axes.

p. 196--Worlds, domino program arrangement, solemetric--drawn by Fritz Springmeier

p. 210-2 1 1-- "Common Structures" Illustration showing various internal systems and their relationships to each other, done by Fritz Springmeier based upon various reports of recovering slaves whose systems match each other.

p. 237-239, 241, 243--Designs. United Nations identity Franz Joseph. Star Fleet Technical Manual TM:3 79260. Ballantine Books: NY, Nov. 1975 (also on title page it states 1st edition STARDATE 7511.01.) The title page to this manual at first appearance seems to indicate that it was really printed by the United Federation & the United Nations, with a stardate year given. The actual dates, and actual publisher are almost camouflaged on (10 of 12) [7/15/2000 8:15:14 PM]


the title page. p. 240, 242-- Star Trek, the Next Generation Technical Manual. Given to Fritz by a recovering Assistant Programmer.

p. 244-246-- Warren magazine.

p. 248--Intergalactic symbols, drawn by Fritz Springmeier, based on what slaves see in their heads.

p. 252--Histamine molecule, graphics by Fritz Springmeier. Chapter 10 title page--Top picture drawn by eyewitness Kim Stevens of Satanic Ritual. Bottom picture was redrawn from the original drawing done by a member of the Ordo

Saturnus in ritual, a German branch of the Illuminati. p.

315-317--First Earth Battalion’s Training Manual, US Army written by LTC Jim Channon.

Chapter 11 title page--drawing of computer generated by computer graphics and done by Fritz Springmeier p. 338--Portion of Shari’s restaurant place mat with a maze and Wizard of Oz theme.

Chapter 12 title page--Bo Gritz’s own campaign brochure during the the 1992 Presidential campaign which gives his biographical information.

p. 361--Newsweek cover with caption "Disney’s Dilemma Can the Kingdom Keep Its Magic?"

Appendix B title page. Drawing by victim of mind control from eastern U.S. showing the skinning process of person. This skill is put to use for programming purposes. Appendix B. Photographs of Presideo by Fritz Springmeier, Photographs of Portland Mormon Temple by Fritz Springmeier, Photographs of the

Mothers-of-Darkness castle Chateau des Amerois, Belgium by Fritz Springmeier.

All Items By Fritz Springmeier, Copyright © By Fritz Springmeier (11 of 12) [7/15/2000 8:15:14 PM]


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