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Orval Sletten . August 26th, 1926 - April 29th, 2020 RIP

Hazlet Funeral video 1:03 . Friday May 8th at 2pm


Orval-n-Joyce.png     Orval-Sletten.png

It is with regret we announce the passing of Orval Sidney Sletten on April 29th, 2020 due to complications related to congestive heart failure. Orval was born on August 26, 1926 in the Village of Hazlet Saskatchewan to Sevard and Tilly Sletten. He had a total of nine siblings and leaves behind his sister Ardis Wall. Orval was married to Joyce Abraham (deceased in 2015) in 1949 and had four children he was all very proud of; Kim (Sarah and Nathan), Debbie (Jennifer and Matthew), Nan and Martin (Tara) who are now living throughout Alberta and British Columbia. Orval embraced his family dearly, applying a strong sense of spirituality and positive thinking to overcoming life’s various challenges.

Orval travelled throughout Canada in his early 20’s working as a welder for Mobil Oil and eventually operating his own pipeline with his younger brother in-law Terry Abraham in Southwestern Saskatchewan. Having an unmatched work ethic, Orval never fully retired, working at the RCMP holding cells as a commissioner in the 1990’s and most recently, operating his company Ghost Security.

Orval was an integral figure in the Alcoholics Anonymous community in Swift Current and throughout Saskatchewan. Orval proudly sponsored countless individuals, lending a selfless hand and ear while chairing meetings at the Swift Current clubhouse for close to 60 years. The family is grateful to the staff at Swift Current Regional Hospital who demonstrated a great deal of compassion and care. In lieu of flowers, the family request a donation be made to the Swift Current Regional Hospital. Due to the current circumstances, a celebration of Orval’s life will take place later in the year.

May 1st, 2020 Matthew Johnston

As Grandpa looked up just two days before his passing, he pointed to the man holding the iphone on FaceTime and said to us "this is my best friend".

Kevin Spate ran errands, cleaned grandpa's house, chaired his AA group in his absence and most importantly, held grandpa's hand in his remaining hours. Kevin was nothing short of a Godsend for us.

Thank you for all you did Kevin. Your efforts have been immensely appreciated.

Kevin will be carrying Grandpa's legacy forward at AA, chairing his Wednesday night group.

I look forward to meeting you someday soon and wish you all the best.

Sincerely, Matt

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