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Link manager - Link Exchange Software for free! - PHP scripts

LinkMan link manager software will completely automate your link exchange!
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Here is how your reciprocal link exchange will work with LinkMan:
Webmaster John is interested in exchanging links with your site,
He ads a link to your website on his links page (or any other page on his website),
He submits the "Add a link" form on your site,
LinkMan verifies that a reciprocal link to your site has indeed been added,
A few more automated checks to verify everything is OK and the new link automatically appears on your links page!

It's that simple! In the LinkMan admin manager panel you have a special tool that will crawl all URLs where your reciprocal link should be. If a reciprocal link isn't found LinkMan will automatically remove the missing link from your links page.

LinkMan doesn't need a SQL database to operate, it works with simple text files. You can also easily edit header and footer of the links page so it will completely fit into the rest of your website!

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Yesterday IS History

Tomorrow IS a Mystery

Today IS a Gift

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