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September 2017

30 Saturday

  1. updating LoveandtheSoul/
  2. updated kimbersoft.com/Study/FT/Networking.html

27 Wednesday

  1. Study updated
  2. updating Study
  3. Studio updated
  4. updating Studio
  5. Workshop updated

25 Monday 26

  1. updating Workshop
    index . Product Creation . Affiliate .

24 Sunday

  1. up Traffic
  2. created SEM-Links
  3. up SEO-Links

23 Saturday

  1. up Multiple Sclerosi
  2. up Workshop/SiteDevelopment
  3. up about
  4. up myEncounter with MS
  5. up Site Map
  6. updated index

22 Friday

  1. updated SEO-Links

18 Monday 19.20.21. 22

  1. updating Library
    Technical . Business . Cookbooks . Web . Technical Language . index . Copyright . Software License . Sources . Fiction . Philosophy . Metaphysics . Philosophers . Phychology . the Inauthentic Man . Psychic Abilities . Thoth Tarot . Social

17 Sunday

  1. removed https from links
  2. updated SEO-Links.html

16 Saturday

  1. added VaccinationRecord.png to myEncounter-w-MultipleSclerosis.php

15 Friday

  1. Validating Site

5 Tuesday

  1. put underconstruction on Worshop/Giftshop
  2. added Google Traffic Pump

3 Sunday

  1. created Workshop/Product Creation
  2. created JournalAugust2017.html

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