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August 2017   

30 Wednesday

  1. added JVZoo affiliate link

25 Friday

  1. edit Freeplane Map
  2. republished Traffic.php

24 Thursday

  1. created a new Freeplane Map
  2. updated Chess

23 Wednesday

  1. updating site maps
    Index . Library . Study . Studio . Workshop . Love and the Soul

22 Tuesday

  1. updating exit pops
    Journals - Dan Sumner's Big Traffic Guide

21 Monday

  1. moved Paypal to footer
  2. added banner to page top
  3. moved commodo seal

20 Sunday

8 Tuesday

  1. created JournalJuly2017.php

Today IS the very first day of the rest of your life.

Yesterday IS History

Tomorrow IS a Mystery

Today IS a Gift

That is why we call it the Present

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