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FormaLMS Features

Forma Lms is an award-winning Learning Management System, used to manage and deliver online training courses. Designed for corporate training, born to fit your company needs and processess. Easy integration with any intranet software, extend functionalities with a wide range of plugins.

Forma is developed by a network of companies, with a strong and active community: it's open-source, and it's FREE.

There is a public demo installation of Forma Lms which is shared with others and resets itself hourly. You can access it by visiting the following link:

Main Page:
Admin Page:
Username: opensourcecms
Password: opensourcecms

The FormaLMS project


Knowledge, through learning, is probably the most critical asset for any company willing to stay competitive and alive. And, today, knowledge is delivered and collected digitally. At the same time, knowledge is operated and expressed and increased by each human being within an organization, through their skills and competences. People transform knowledge in value. So today in the training industry we are facing a complex perfect storm scenario that could be described in a single sentence:

diffuse digital knowledge, human-centered companies

Modern organizations need adaptive models to face the challenges of their markets: the emerging paradigm of open innovation is defining the new rules of the game. That's why whe chose to be open to evolving diversity starting from our core code with an open source licencing model, and that's why we based forma.association on the principes of participation, sharing and networking. This makes forma much more than just a piece of software: it is a different way to software creation and collaboration.

Why "Forma"?

The italian word "FORMA" means "shape", it is the beginning of "Formazione" (the italian for "training") and the end of "piattaforma" (italian for "platform"), and is also part of "Informazione" (information) and "Performance". The name suggests the product ability to adapt to different organizational contexts. It recalls the italian origins of the project, sounds meaningful in English, and has the same meanings also in Spanish, mantaining almost the same pronounce in most languages. Simple but efffective, the name was chosen after a research and a survey involving over 50 people, including clients, elearning and HR consultants, managers, trainers, coaches, developers, and designers.

Today IS the very first day of the rest of your life.

Yesterday IS History

Tomorrow IS a Mystery

Today IS a Gift

That is why we call it the Present

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