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Collabtive provides a web based platform to bring the project management process and documentation online. Collabtive is an open source solution with features and functionality similar to proprietary software such as BaseCamp.

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In an effort to bring an effective project management tool to users, offers Collabtive for download and mashup uploads of the simple yet powerful and useful Collabtive tool. True to its name as open source software, Collabtive has seen more than 50,000 downloads since its launch in 2007 and is free to download.

Collabtive is designed with a simple, easy to use interface to target SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) and freelancing professionals. Collabtive is flexible and can be installed and customized according to requirements. Collabtive can be suited to run on any available internal servers or installed in a cloud computing environment. It provides support to all major browsers such as Internet Explorer versions 7 and 8, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome to ensure compatibility across browsers.

PHP and Javascript technology facilitated the development of Collabtive software. Collabtive is a product of voluntary contributions by professionals with expertise in different aspects of software project life cycle. Donate and contribute to the efforts of ongoing development of Collabtive to keep it free and integrate more powerful features as a powerful project management tool.

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