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the Package

Objective   6/21/2016

the Package Project is to provide a starter Site using HTML, CSS and Javascript which those new to Web IT can use to dramatically advance their grasp as to How to use this technology to their advantage.

Support material of many kind will provide Step by Step guidance ... but first, a presentation on the benefits of aquiring this skillset.

Home & Start Page  3/24/2016

From Wikipedipedia

A home page or index page is the initial or main web page of a website. It is sometimes also called the front page (by analogy with newspapers) or main page, or written as "homepage."

A home page can also refer to the first page that appears upon opening a web browser, sometimes called the start page, although the home page of a website can be used as a start page.

This start page can be a website, or it can be a page with various browser functions such as the display of thumbnails of frequently visited websites.

Multiple websites can be set as a start page, to open in different tabs.

Some websites are intended to be used as start pages, such as iGoogle (now defunct), My Yahoo!, and MSN.com, and provide links to commonly used services such as webmail and online weather forecasts.

A personal web page is also commonly called a home page, although such websites can contain many pages.

In Germany the term "Homepage" is often used as a synonym for the term "Website".

A home page can also be used outside the context of web browsers, such as to refer to the principal screen of a user interface, frequently referred to as a home screen on mobile devices such as mobile phones.

From Wikipedia

A start page is the page first loaded when a web browser is started or a new window or tab page is opened in a browser.

A start page is different from a home page: A home page is the initial or first page of a website.

It is sometimes also written as "startpage."

HTML  6/21/2016

CSS  6/21/2016

Javascript  6/21/2016

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