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December 15, 2015 kim   
My History with Information Technology

I was first introduced to Mechanical Technology in a High School Typing course in the 1970's. Aside from the Mathematics, Art and Trades programs, learning How to Operate Technology in a novel and creative capacity, has always been a driving passion.

I was first introduced to Electronic Computer Technology in a Fortran programming course at the College of Commerce while at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon late 70's. This class, set me on a lifelong pursuit towards utilizing this technology in coming to a better understanding of Human Mind and Condition.

The College's behavioral Statistics class however, turned me OFF from furthering this study and I withdrew to pursue a skilled labor position. I found one in Computer Operations.

Onward from the 1980's, I have been studying and working with computing technologies to advance my understanding.

The technical information presented here, will enable the creation of Information Products to assist others on their adventure (the Intent).

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