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Objective   3/18/2016

To document non-profits.

Nonprofit organization  3/18/2016


A nonprofit organization (NPO, also known as a non-business entity) is an organization whose purposes are other than making a profit.

A nonprofit organization is often dedicated to furthering a particular social cause or advocating for a particular point of view.

In economic terms, a nonprofit organization uses its surplus revenues to further achieve its purpose or mission, rather than distributing its surplus income to the organization's shareholders (or equivalents) as profit or dividends.

This is known as the distribution constraint.

The decision to adopt a nonprofit legal structure is one that will often have taxation implications, particularly where the nonprofit seeks income tax exemption, charitable status and so on.

The terms nonprofit and not-for-profit are not consistently differentiated across jurisdictions.

In layman's terms they are usually equivalent in concept, although in various jurisdictions there are accounting and legal differences.

The nonprofit landscape is highly varied, although many people have come to associate NPOs with charitable organizations.

Although charities do comprise an often high profile or visible aspect of the sector, there are many other types of nonprofits.

Overall, they tend to be either member-serving or community-serving.

Member-serving organizations include mutual societies, cooperatives, trade unions, credit unions, industry associations, sports clubs, retired serviceman's clubs and peak bodies – organizations that benefit a particular group of people i.e. the members of the organization.

Typically, community-serving organizations are focused on providing services to the community in general, either globally or locally: organizations delivering human services programs or projects, aid and development programs, medical research, education and health services, and so on.

It could be argued many nonprofits sit across both camps, at least in terms of the impact they make.

For example, the grassroots support group that provides a lifeline to those with a particular condition or disease ould be deemed to be serving both its members (by directly supporting them) and the broader community (through the provision of a helping service for fellow citizens).

Many NPOs use the model of a double bottom line in that furthering their cause is more important than making a profit, though both are needed to ensure the organization's sustainability.

Although NPOs are permitted to generate surplus revenues, they must be retained by the organization for its self-preservation, expansion, or plans.

NPOs have controlling members or a board of directors.

Many have paid staff including management, whereas others employ unpaid volunteers and even executives who work with or without compensation (occasionally nominal).

In some countries, where there is a token fee, in general it is used to meet legal requirements for establishing a contract between the executive and the organization.

Designation as a nonprofit does not mean that the organization does not intend to make a profit, but rather that the organization has no 'owners' and that the funds realized in the operation of the organization will not be used to benefit any owners.

The extent to which an NPO can generate surplus revenues may be constrained or use of surplus revenues may be restricted.

Top 100 non-profit organizations   3/18/2016

Top 100 non-profit organizations (registered charities)

The Globe and Mail - Published Thursday, Feb. 05, 2015 12:50PM EST

Voluntary association  3/21/2016

Wikipedia    Wikipedia Voluntary association

A voluntary group or union (also sometimes called a voluntary organization, common-interest association, or just an association) is a group of individuals who enter into an agreement as volunteers to form a body (or organization) to accomplish a purpose.

Common examples include trade associations, trade unions, learned societies and professional associations, environmental groups, and various other types of groups.

Membership is not necessarily voluntary, as it may be effectively required in order to work, which is why some people use the term common-interest association to describe groups which form out of a common interest although this term is not widely used or understood.

Voluntary Associations may be incorporated or unincorporated; for example, in the United States associations gained additional powers by incorporating.

In the UK the term Voluntary Association/Voluntary Organisation covers every type of group from a small local Residents' Association to large Associations (often Registered Charities) with multimillion-pound turnover and running large scale business operations (often providing some kind of public service as sub-contrators to government departments or Local Authorities).

In many jurisdictions no formalities are necessary to start an association.

In some jurisdictions, there is a minimum for the number of persons starting an association.

Some jurisdictions require that the association register with the police or other official body to inform the public of the association's existence.

This could be a tool of political control or intimidation, and also a way of protecting the economy from fraud.

In many such jurisdictions, only a registered association (or in the UK an 'incorporated' body) is a juristic person whose membership is not responsible for the financial acts of the association.

Any group of persons may, of course, work as an association but in such case, the persons making a transaction in the name of the association all take responsibility for it.

There are many countries where the formation of truly independent Voluntary Associations is effectively proscribed by law or where they are theoretically legally permitted but in practice are persecuted or where membership brings unwelcome attention from police or other state agencies.

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