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... and the cycle repeats indefinitely.

January 2019

15 Tuesday

  1. moved Study/Web to Study/FT

11 Friday

  1. Taking a break.

6 7 8 9 10 Thursday

  1. adding Tooltip & Slider to Site pages
    Done: /index /iindex /SiteMap /Journal /About /Traffic /Giftshop
    /MultipleSclerosis /LoveandtheSoul /Workshop /Study

3 Thursday

  1. created Study/iindex.html to have Primer as index
  2. Study verified & minified

1 Tuesday

  1. minimizing verified html w minifycode.com/html-minifier
  2. verifying Study html w validator.w3.org
  3. up Traffic2018
  4. cr JournalDecember2018.html

Today IS the very first day of the rest of your life.

Yesterday IS History

Tomorrow IS a Mystery

Today IS a Gift

That is why we call it the Present

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Where wealth like fruit on precipices grew.

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